The second annual Tonka Mud Run and Mini-Tonka Mud Run are scheduled for July 12 at Lake Minnewashta Regional Park. Get together a group of friends or have your family sign up and get muddy on our course, which will be full of fun challenges appropriate for varying athletic abilities. Do you have what it takes to get through the obstacles?

Tonka Mud Run Obstacles:


  •  You will be slip sliding away on this obstacleIMG_7423

Tire-riffic Sponsored by Youngstedts

  • Take on this tire drill and run through tires.  It will be just like stepping over kids’ toys on the floor

Haul a campfire log uphill 

  • Are you campfire savvy?  Find out as you carry a log uphillIMG_7575

Heaven and Earth 

  • Reach for heaven and touch the earth as you jump over and go under the tape

Army Crawl  

  • It’s a cargo embargo!  No need for cargo shorts to crawl under this cargo net!

Hula hoop Sponsored by Mary Kuhn-Professional Health Coach Fusion Spa

  • See if your hoola hoop goes round or down

Walk the Plank Sponsored by the Gilmore Family

  • Arrr, how good is your balance matey?IMG_7590

Crazy Maze

  • Test your orienteering skills by skillfully making your way through the maze


  • How low can you go? IMG_7634

Climbing Fun

  • Who can summit our mountain of hay without getting caught in the net?

Teeter Totter  

  • Running across this teeter totter takes your balancing skills to new heights! (and lows)

Build a Sandcastle by Land or Sea

  • By land | Fill your bucket and help build our collaborative sand castle tmr24

  • By sea | Fill your bucket to help fill the moat

Spider Web

  • Who will make it through our tangled web?

Light at the End of the Tunnel Sponsored by HD Waterworks

  • You will need to get on your hands and knees to get to the light at the end of this tunnel  P1060667

Curb Hop

  • How many curbs can you hop?

Ramp It Up

  • Time to get wet traversing from one side of the old boat ramp to the other

Mud Bath  Sponsored by Professional Asphalt and KidZibits

  • Bring your rubber ducky and take a soak in our 4ft x 8ft mud bath!  

Mini mudder fun run obstacles include:

  • Hula Hoop 
  • Under the Rainbow Sponsored by Carver County ParksIMG_7332
  • Pop Bubbles
  • Walk across low plank (like a balance beam) Sponsored by the Gilmore Family
  • Run uphill
  • Roll Downhill
  • Crawl through a tunnel Sponsored by Ferriera Family
  • Rice Sack Race  Sponsored by Kids Against Hunger-West Metro
  • Climb over a hay bale
  • Step through bike tires-Sponsored by Erik’s Bike Shop
  • Run around the cones  Sponsored by Chanhassen Recreation Center
  • Run through kiddie pool filled with mud Sponsored by Bloomington Carpet One






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