We need lots of volunteers behind the scenes to make this race work. Click on a volunteer need to get a description of duties or Click on the Sign Up Now button to sign up!  If you know you would like to help as a section leader or have a question, please contact Tiffany at [email protected] . We appreciate your help!

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Volunteer needs:

  • Registration Table
    Will assist with Packet Pick Up.  For packet pick up, hand participant his or her instruction sheet and race packet which will include: bib number, safety pins, race map, t-shirt, and goodies from local businesses.  Instruct runner to pin number on front of shirt and to not tear off bottom number.  Will need one runner to get sign up sheets to finish line periodically.
  • Obstacle Monitor
    Will assist anyone who may need help and ensure safe use of obstacles.  Obstacle Volunteers will need to be at obstacle 5 minutes prior to the start of the race.  Obstacle volunteers will have possession of a cell phone or walkie talkie to notify base of any injuries needing medical attention. Base will send out EMT.
  • Finish Line
    A volunteer will make sure runners stay in order after crossing line and walking through chute. At end of chute, a few volunteers will ensure chip is placed in basket. A couple volunteers will hand out medals.   mrs2IMG_7644
  • Parking
    Will guide participants to parking spaces. 
  • Traffic
    Will hold traffic while participants are crossing roadway. 
  • Spotter
    Will notify traffic volunteers when participants are getting close to road crossing areas so they can hold trafiic 
  • Set up
    Help with setting up course and pavilion area 
  • Tear Down
    Help with tear down and clean up of course and pavilion area 
  • Water Station
    Will set up station prior to race.  They will fill water cups for runners during race.  They will encourage runners during race.  They will pick up dropped cups down the trail and tear down station after last runner has gone by.  
  • Bounce House Monitor
    Will monitor the number of children in the bounce house and ensure safe use 
  • Refreshment Table
    Will keep items stocked and congratulate runners. 


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